#winechat Roundup: A Taste of Santa Barbara County Wineries

Are you familiar with the wines from California's Santa Barbara County? No? No problem. This week's WineChat on Twitter was all about discovering this region. And not just one but four wineries stopped by to share their knowledge and passion: Brewer-Clifton, Grassini Family Vineyards, Lafond Winery, and Westerly Wines. Here are some highlights from a spirited online discussion:

Get to know the county:

Let us geek out even further:

Grape geekery:

Mojo in the barrel and on the stage:

Get to know Grassini.

WineChat pro.

A brief on Brewer-Clifton:

Wax on/wax off:

More cheese, please.

Two of a kind.

Old school and new school.

Pinot Noir: from the breakfast table to the dinner table.

Time to get Happy (Canyon) with Westerly.

At the corner of wine and time:

In conclusion, eat pizza and keep wine FUN!