Does Your Pinot Grigio Have Supple and Sumptuous Style?

What's the difference between Pinot Gris and Pinot Grigio? Well, nothing. It's the same grape. But consumers are confused as to what to expect from wines that carry each name. It's the Australian Wine Research Institute to the rescue! Palate Press reports on "PinotG", the name the Institute is using for the grape to lessen the anxiety of puzzled people. And the crack team of scientists there are deploying PinotG via a Style Spectrum. Producers can submit their wines to be tested by scientists who will categorize a Gris/Grigio along a scale from "crisp" to "luscious". No more wondering if that Grigio is racy or that Gris is rich.

PinotG style spectrum

So how do you like your PinotG?