How Many Wine Grapes Are Being Used in Italy?

There are certainly no shortage of different kinds of wine grapes in Italy. But how many are there in total and of that number, how many are actually being used in the commercial production of wine? It's Jancis Robinson to the rescue! Co-author of the book Wine Grapes, Robinson noted in the Financial Times that of the 1,368 Italian wine grapes, 377 are being put to use to produce bottles for sale.

Also in this same Financial Times article, Robinson doles out her "prize for most worthwhile Italian grape recuperation" to Librandi. Who, to her, is "by far the most dynamic wine producer in wild Calabria." Some of the grapes being worked with? Gaglioppo, Greco Bianco, Magliocco Dolce (Arvino), and Mantonico Bianco.

How many unique grapes from Italy have you tried?