Potatoes Now Helping To Make Your Wine Fine

Potatoes and wine? Do you think this is going to be about Idaho? Well, no. But if you're curious about the Idaho wine industry, you can read my interview with Tammy Stowe McClure from Indian Creek Winery. She talks about Tempranillo and paella. And I also heard from Moya Shatz Dolsby, Executive Director of the Idaho Wine Commission, who reveals a few wine grapes from the state to put on your radar.

But back to the subject at hand: potatoes! The TTB (Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau) recently gave the go-ahead for wineries to fine their fermented grape juice with potato protein isolate. Fining, among other things, can remove particles from wine that make it cloudy. And, hey, it's much more appealing (as well as vegan-friendly) to use taters to fine wine over, say, fish bladders.