Stuffed Eggplant Paired with Loire Valley Cabernet Franc

I love Cabernet Franc from the Loire Valley on its own, but it really compliments a hearty dish of stuffed eggplant. Earthy flavors love earthy wine, and make for a dynamite dinner combination. The Cabernet Franc I'd recommend is from Chinon, and produced by Bernard Baudry. I got the chance to visit this producer a few years back on a sponsored media trip with the Loire Valley Wine Bureau. I had always enjoyed the freshness and pleasure of current vintages of Loire Cabernet Franc, but was bowled over by a bottle from 1989.

Part of what makes Baudry special is, as importer Kermit Lynch explains, this domaine has both vineyards full of varied soils and the talent to express them in the bottle. It is a combination contributes to the longevity of these Cabernet Francs. Does Baudry make wines that you can love on a Tuesday night with your stuffed eggplant? Absolutely. But be sure and keep a few in the cellar to see how they develop. Oh, and one more thing about Bernard Baudry: they also make fantastic white wine, a dry Chenin Blanc, that you should be on the lookout for.

Need a great recipe for stuffed eggplant? Alyssa at Everyday Maven has you covered with a version including ground beef, onions, garlic, and tomato sauce:

Paleo Stuffed Eggplant with Ground Beef

I like how Alyssa mentions that kids love to stuff the eggplant "boats". So get them involved in the kitchen, helping out with dinner prep while you enjoy a sip or two of wine.

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