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Top 10 Wine Travel Destinations


The Top Ten Wine Destinations in the World
Contributing Editor Jameson Fink picks his ten favorite places for wine and more, with experts adding their picks and tips.

The Top Ten Wine Destinations in the World

What makes a great wine destination? As I put together this list of my top ten favorite places, I thought long and hard about this question. Obviously it starts and ends with one thing: wine. But it's the spaces between and beyond the grape and the glass that, for me, make a city, a region, or a country worth returning to again and again. Or rather, dreaming of getting back to some day.

A wine country visit is more than just about the vineyards and the tasting room. It's about who you're with, what you eat, where you sleep. Also important to the experience? Removing yourself form a wine-centric itinerary and discovering a little window into what a place has to offer. It could involve wandering around the streets of Valparaiso, Chile, after a day of wine touring in the nearby valleys, soaking in an urban experience full of color, art, and unexpected twists and turns. Or relaxing on a beach in Tasmania with sand and water so wish-book lovely that you can't believe you just left woods and vineyards earlier in the day.

But don't just take my word for it. I've also asked some folks who live in these ten spots (or have spent way more time there than I have) to chime in on what makes their part of the world a great destination for any curious traveler who also happens to love wine. Each offers recommendations galore on everything from accomodations to dining to hiking to museums.

What's in your top ten? Have you been there before or is it just a dream destination?

Image from Wines from Santorini.

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