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Wine Interpreted Through Ballet: Grand Jeté Meets Grand Cru

Rather than 100 point scores and mind-numbing laundry lists of descriptors, wouldn't it be awesome if you could feel what a wine tastes like through interpretive dances? I say, "YES!" And this idea is no longer confines to the pages of my wish book, as the Santa Barbara Independent reports that State Street Ballet will be doing just that in an upcoming performance to raise money for scholarships for dancers looking to attend summer workshops. The ballet company happens to share the same building as the Santa Barbara AVA HQ and Pali Wine Co. Which makes it possibly the coolest building ever.

Event Organizer Terry Jory might have you rethinking your Sauvignon Blanc, stating that when it comes to fruit flavors in wine, “I don’t think grapefruit or citrus, but I do think grand jeté or pirouette. I think movement.” Company ballerinas talk about interpreting the emotions and occasions surrounding the enjoyment of a wine, revealing, “This dance will definitely have its steamy moments,”

Are you ready to think about wine in a new way? Or do words work just fine for you? (I vote for steamy moments, myself.)

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