Legends Dan Marino & Damon Huard Talk NFL's Wine Lovers

Editor's Note: This was the teaser for the full profile now live on GrapeCollective.com.

I grew up loving football. In the Heartland where I was raised, football, especially our very own Kansas City Chiefs, were a big part of fall. Needless to say, I was rather excited to talk to former Chiefs quarterback Damon Huard. And it was nice (I suppose) to talk with the near-mythical record-holding Dan Marino of course. But he never played for Kansas City, so, you know...

Jokes aside, it was an absolute honor having the opportunity of talking with two NFL legends, but I wasn't really all that sure what to expect. After all, we had seen this before — celebrities slapping their names and likenesses onto bottles of drunk grapes masquereding as wine: it has become commonplace to the extent that it is easier and safer even to assume it is a publicity stunt or narcissistic endeavor than truly thoughtful project, long-term or otherwise. However, they quickly proved that this Passing Time venture wasn't a marketing ploy, but rather the culmination of a relationship not only with wine and each other, but specifically Washington wine.


And the gentlemen know how to let loose. In this raw, unedited clip, we talked about the NFL's most unsuspecting wine lovers, their new wine's perfect pairing, their favorite moment from the last year of winemaking, and Dan's childhood homemade wine. Be sure to check back early next week to hear what the two quarterbacks have to say about pursuing a shared passion after pulling off the pads and how Passing Time Winery addresses both environmental issues as well as the possible disruptive effects of their own celebrity.

Lastly, I'm very sorry about you all seeing much more of my face that Damon's. I was caught up in the conversation and completely unawares to the poor positioning! He had too many good things to say! But with every (occasionally surprising) insight, his presence is definitely felt.

If the video above is loading slow, watch the clip over on Vimeo.