#sommchat Roundup: Master Sommelier Andy Myers on Subtle Wine and Extreme Music

You'll not only find Master Sommelier (MS) Andy Myers at Washington DC's CityZen in the Mandarin Oriental Hotel, but you can also catch him behind a drum kit in the metal band, Fuchida. What's their music like? "We slay. We summon dead things by shredding and making with the vokillz. What more is there to say, really?" Prepare for an intense SommChat on Twitter, where Andy stopped by to shred via 140 characters.

He likes good wine, naturally.

Advantages of having an MS in your band?

Favorite this tweet! Dry Hungarian white wine pick.

Meditations on wine and metal:

Backstage Brunello.

There truly is a wine for every occasion.

Gettin' geeky.

Summertime, and the drinking is easy.

Savennieres with devil horns.

Finally, some advice for those who aspire to become an MS: