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Ten Exciting American Wine Lists

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Wine Lists of Intrigue and Value
The bar at the Pearl & Ash, one of our ten top wine list selections.

Wine Lists of Intrigue and Value

An eye-opening wine pairing can make a dinner transcendent, but the experience of poring over a jumbled wine list of predictable bottles takes that sublime steak down a notch.

Today’s savvy sommeliers know that it’s a delicate balancing act to unite in a single list the quality benchmark producers with relatively unknown winemakers from far-flung, family-run vineyards. But when somms succeed, they can produce a list rife with intrigue and value.

Among the myriad of restaurants that opened nationally in 2013, many had wine lists that caught our attention. The following ten may not reflect the most exhaustive cellars in the country (who wants to flip through a formal 80-page tome, anyway?), but they’re chock full of selections thoughtful somms can stand behind.

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