Jenny & François Selections

Launched in 2000, Jenny & François Selections has built a reputation for unearthing inimitable and often eccentric natural wines in France, Italy and Spain. Owners Jenny Lefcourt and François Ecot both fell in love with wine in France—Jenny, while pursuing her PhD in Paris, and François, through early childhood visits to Chablis.

Import Focus: The J&F portfolio is made up of small grower-producers who defy convention. Most of the wineries produce a modest amount of cases, focusing on a shared philosophy: organic in the vines and in the cellar, indigenous yeast, little extraction, and little to no additives (perhaps a little sulfites at bottling).

Where in the World: France makes up the largest percentage of the portfolio, but Jenny and François are continuing to grow their presence in Italy and Spain. Most recently, they began distributing for a handful of domestic wineries, including Dirty & Rowdy (a current darling of sommeliers and critics). Next up: Austria. Their first foray will be a selection of wines from Franz Strohmeier, due to hit the market in March.

Must-Try Bottle: Crack open a bottle of prosecco from Ca’ dei Zago in Valdobbiandene. This sparkling treat is an entirely different animal from the unassuming stuff on every supermarket shelf. Made in the col fondo style, which is abundant in the region but rarely makes it beyond Italy’s borders, this sparkler finishes fermentation in the bottle. It is stored upright, allowing the sediment to sink to the bottom, and decanted before serving. With no additional added sugar, it’s a low-alcohol refresher with astonishing purity.