Jim Clarke

Jim Clarke

Jim Clarke

Jim Clarke is a wine and beer writer and sommelier based in New York City; most recently he was the wine director of Armani Ristorante. He writes for a number of trade and consumer magazines including the World of Fine Wine, Sommelier Journal, and Wine Enthusiast. Jim spends his spare time trying to keep his ’78 Triumph Spitfire on the road.

  1. The Alto Adige Alliance: Good Cooperatives are Good Values

    The Alto Adige Alliance: Good Cooperatives are Good Values

    The cliché "no committee ever wrote a novel” stands as a reminder that too many cooks result in a broth of the lowest common denominator. And that’s often the view taken of wine cooperatives... but there are exceptions. In fact, one small corner of Italy is chock full of them: Alto Adige.
  2. Discover Lake County—Again

    Discover Lake County—Again

    Lake County, inland from Mendocino and north of Napa, has long been a California winemaker’s secret weapon.
  3. Sweet Valley High

    Sweet Valley High

    Jim Clarke on Anderson Valley, California's sleeper hit.
  4. New Zealand’s Hottest Borough

    New Zealand’s Hottest Borough

    Martinborough, making waves with Pinot Noir.
  5. Chianti In the Know

    Chianti In the Know

    Chianti is probably the most recognizable Italian wine varietal in the States. Even as a college student, well before I learned anything about wine, I knew enough to correct a misguided friend who asked for “kee-yan-tee.”
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