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Perusing Pinterest: Top 25 Wine Labels

Top 25 Wine Labels
Slide Show: Top 25 Wine Labels

Top 25 Wine Labels

As someone who spent a decade working in the retail wine business, I became somewhat obsessed with labels. Part of merchandising a store or a department is having bottles (and boxes) stacked up high with enough visual appeal to get people to stop, look, and put one (or more) in their basket. Was it important that the juice inside was as appealing as the artwork and design outside? Uh, yeah. Absolutely.

But one of the things I love about Pinterest is that I can indulge my label lust without having to worry about price, availability, or feasibility. If I see a label I like, I can just admire it and pin away. Am I ever going to get to know what it tastes like? No matter. I simply enjoy seeing a wine label used as a canvas for creativity. Cool fonts, elegant details, arresting colors and patterns, a touch of humor and whimsy? All employed by creative designers. And sometimes you'll even find a connect-the-dots label or one that's dropping (literal) F-bombs.

What follows are 25 labels that really caught my eye. Some are mysterious as to their origin and inspiration, others have the story from the designers themselves. There's a saying that "we eat with our eyes". Though I'm not implying that you should eat a wine label (please do not), the best ones are evocative of what you can expect when you pour a glass and take that first sip. Wine labels set atmosphere and shape expectations.

Enjoy the slide show. And let me know if you agree or disagree with my picks. What would make your Top 25?

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